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46 Turkish Suppliers of Electric Lamps, Tubes, Bulbs, Lights & Light Fittings
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Cicek Avize Sanayi 

Exporter / Supplier of: Lighting fixtures (ceiling lamps, table lamps


Stpek Consultancy Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Chandeliers, pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, wallpapers, furniture hardware, home furniture, lighting products, electronic appliance


S.H.M Lighting.Co 

Exporter / Supplier of: Lighting


Ft Elektrik Pazarlama Ithalat Ihracat Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Sti 

Exporter / Supplier of: LED lighting, energy saving lamp



Exporter / Supplier of: Handmade necklaces, ring, decorative glass graveness & vase, handmade decorative lighting equipment


Toros Aydinlatma San Ve Tic Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Street lights, floodlights, tunnel lights, stadium lights


Oktay Aydinlatma 

Exporter / Supplier of: Lightning products


Besan San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Key elements for transformers, towels bathrobes, cardboard products, lighting equipments


Linear Engineering Ltd. Sti. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Solar power lighting systems, street and garden LED - sodium lamps, solar power package systems


Terma Mühendislik Hiz San Ve Tic Ltd 

Exporter / Supplier of: LED lighting systems, bulbs, street and flood light, cable


Osal Group 

Exporter / Supplier of: Textile, railway systems (monorail, raybus, high speed train, freight train), energy saving devices, city lighting systems, recycling plants


LSC Elektrik 

Exporter / Supplier of: Lights, lighting accessories, lamps


Vatan Investment & Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Energy saving lamps, lighting products , LED


Aycan Travertine 

Exporter / Supplier of: Noche, light, yellow travertine


Orgaz Gaz Aletleri Sanayi Ve Ltd. Sti 

Exporter / Supplier of: Gas appliances, camping stove, heater, valve, cylinder valve, camping lamp, lantern, hose


Avonni Lighting 

Exporter / Supplier of: Chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall light


Ankuva Led Lighting 

Exporter / Supplier of: Led lighting and lamp, wall washer, led flood light, rgb dmx projector


Aytac Enginering Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Electrical equipment


Global Gba Ltd. 

Exporter / Supplier of: Lamps, lighting fixtures, lighting & electrical accessories



Exporter / Supplier of: Lighting


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Currently Online in Category: Electric Lamps, Tubes, Bulbs, Lights & Light Fittings

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