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Date Posted

Storage Tank
Production and installation of fuel plant and oil storage tanks. Sales of pressure contol supplies and valves.

Wholesale Supplier of Storage Tank: Silver Teknik Tic. Ltd. Sti
27 Oct 2015

Irrigation fittings
All kind irrigation plastic equipments.

Wholesale Supplier of Irrigation fittings: Tayfur Water Systems
18 Feb 2014

Putzmeister lever
Putzmeister lever / fork q 80 / 90 mm.

Wholesale Supplier of Putzmeister lever: Nb Machinery
19 Nov 2013

Wafer type butterfly valve
Cast iron body, stainless steel disc and stem, epdm/nbr/viton sealing.

Wholesale Supplier of Wafer type butterfly valve: Faf Valve Co.
04 Nov 2013

Compression springs
We can apply surfaces of springs , zinc-plating and phosphatizing coating that we produced. Can be grinding surfaces according

Wholesale Supplier of Compression springs: Standart Yay
19 Mar 2013

Renault, daf, iveco, scania, man, mercedes
Brake, gear, clutch system, air brake, caliper.

Wholesale Supplier of Renault, daf, iveco, scania, man, mercedes: Turcoricambi
10 Jan 2013

Ball valves
Ms58 brass nickel plated.

Wholesale Supplier of Ball valves: TDS Tekneciler Metal Ltd.
23 Apr 2010

Steam solenoid valve
Application max.160 c degree steam

Wholesale Supplier of Steam solenoid valve: SMS-TORK Solenoid Valve - Actuators And Accessories
02 Feb 2009

Tork solenoid valve
Tork solenoid valve

Wholesale Supplier of Tork solenoid valve: SMS-TORK Solenoid Valve - Actuators And Accessories
02 Feb 2009

Dust collector valve
For dust bag filter applivation

Wholesale Supplier of Dust collector valve: SMS-TORK Solenoid Valve - Actuators And Accessories
02 Feb 2009

Pneumatic actuated ball valve
For fluid application actuated ball valve

Wholesale Supplier of Pneumatic actuated ball valve: SMS-TORK Solenoid Valve - Actuators And Accessories
02 Feb 2009

Actuated butterfly valve
For fluid application actuated butterfly valve

Wholesale Supplier of Actuated butterfly valve: SMS-TORK Solenoid Valve - Actuators And Accessories
02 Feb 2009

Solenoid valve
1/2" bras body, 2/2 way , 220vac solenoid valve normally open

Wholesale Supplier of Solenoid valve: SMS-TORK Solenoid Valve - Actuators And Accessories
06 Jul 2007

Goldena Automotive Spare Parts Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Automotive spare parts, truck spare parts, air brake systems, compressor, unloader valves, clutch servos, foot valves, levelling valves, spring brake actuators

11 Oct 2007

Safak Makina A.S
Wholesale Supplier of: Tube hose assemblies (hydraulic steering hose assemblies intense and low), high and low pressure connective components, vacuum pumps, special motor parts and valve train units, brake exhaust clapes, air conditioning, fuel

04 Oct 2007

Anadolu Hydraulic
Wholesale Supplier of: Hydraulic pumps (with oem tractors, trucks, combines, and special), cylinders (for trucks, tractors, cruiser, telescopic, special), directional control valves

24 Sep 2007

Yesilyurt Dokum Makina Sanayi Insaat Tic. Ith. Ihr. Ltd. Sti.
Wholesale Supplier of: Valves, heavy duty, earth moving machinery, auto spare parts, articulation parts

23 Jul 2007

Tinastepe Otomotiv Ltd Sti
Wholesale Supplier of: Saw dusted manufactured parts such as special, rivets, nuts, axe pins, exhaust and valve guides, Cold sheet metal formed parts

06 Apr 2007

Vis Vana San. Ith. Ihr. Tic. Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Globe, gate, butterfly, ball, float, strainer, safety valve

22 Feb 2007

Berkay Foreign Trade Co.
Wholesale Supplier of: Acrylic yarn, welded wirw mesh, valves steel pipes confectionary machines, iron, steel, blankets

16 Feb 2007

Sevket Fedaioglu
Wholesale Supplier of: Fittings, valves, filters, collectors, collector pieces, flexible gas hose and gas connection group, flexible water hose and collector connection group , regulator connector, transition union brass and other some special products

16 Feb 2007

Visvana Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Gate valves, swing check valves, ball check valves, air relief valves, float valves, globe, valves, piston valves, ball valves, check valves, strainers, butterfly valves, dismantling joints, fire valves, safety valves, pressure reducers, brass ball valves, stainless steel valves, water valves

09 Feb 2007

Wholesale Supplier of: Valves

20 Dec 2006

Kazel Hydraulic
Wholesale Supplier of: Piston pumps and gear pumps, bend axis pump for vehicles (trucks, cranes, lifts cummins, construction vehicles) 40 series gear pump, 30 series gear pump, 9 piston pump, 6 piston pump, valves

11 Nov 2005

Afit Dis. Tic.
Wholesale Supplier of: Minerals, travertine, valves

28 Jan 2005

Wholesale Supplier of: EVS, brake and valve repair kits for all kinds of heavy vehicles

20 Dec 2004

Size (mm): 20*1/2.

Wholesale Supplier of Valve: Ulkumen Ardila Dis Ticaret Ve Paz Ltd Sti
19 Nov 2009

Kitt Kazanoglu Mak. Imalat Taah. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti
Wholesale Supplier of: Valves, actuators, home made jams, silver/gold jewellery

15 Jan 2008

Hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings

Wholesale Supplier of Hydraulic: Orsan Hydraulic Pneumatic Ltd.Co.
11 Dec 2007

Orsan Hydraulic Pneumatic Ltd.Co.
Wholesale Supplier of: Hydraulic pumps, fittings, valves

05 Dec 2007

Tum Plastik ve Makina Kalip San. ve Tic. Ltd.Sti.
Wholesale Supplier of: Filters, pumps, valves, fittings

26 Sep 2006

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