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Date Posted

Biscuit, cholocate, cake, nutbar.

Wholesale Supplier of Biscuit: Group Gunsa Food Co.
02 Jun 2014

Convection oven
Convection oven with electricity, convection oven with gas.

Wholesale Supplier of Convection oven: Porlanmaz Bakery Machinery
02 Apr 2014

Bukle cookies with peanut, coconut, granule and sesame.

Wholesale Supplier of Cookies: Arbekon Gida Ve Ihtiyac Maddeleri San.Tic.Ltd.Sti
04 Jan 2012


Wholesale Supplier of Biscuits: Ayta Ak Gida San.Ve Tc.A.
24 Aug 2011

Biscuit packaging
Packaging is easy, straight forward and continuous.

Wholesale Supplier of Biscuit packaging: Ekol Machinery
09 May 2011


Wholesale Supplier of Biscuits: Hazal Biscuit & Chocolate
28 Dec 2009

Biscuit filled with cocoa cream.

Wholesale Supplier of Biscuit: Hazal Biscuits & Chocolate
21 Dec 2009

Macaroni (pasta)
Produced with %100 durum wheat semolina

Wholesale Supplier of Macaroni (pasta): Seyhzade Ex&m
15 Jan 2008

Wholesale Supplier of Biscuit and sandwich line: T And T Trade And Tourism Ltd.
01 Dec 2005


Wholesale Supplier of Biscuit: Conkal
10 Sep 2004

Seyhzade Ex&m
Wholesale Supplier of: Macaroni (pasta), biscuits, pulses, semolia

15 Jan 2008

Bifa Biscuits food Ind.Inc
Wholesale Supplier of: Chocolate, biscuits, wafers, stick cracer, gun, sweet, egg chocolate, special chocolate, coclin products

30 Oct 2007

Pekmakina Ltd ITI
Wholesale Supplier of: Biscuit, t pastyr, cake machinesand oven

14 Feb 2007

T And T Trade And Tourism Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: 2.Nd hand biscuit and sandwich line, fruit cocoa bars, cocoa coated wafer, cocoa coated sandwich biscuits, compound chocolate coated marshmallow biscuit, thermo-form packed hazelnut cocoa creams, mixed fruit flavoured ice, tomato paste, ketchap base, pizza sauce base, canned foodstuffs, carbonated soft drinks, cola, malting barley

30 Nov 2005

Bifa Biscuits
Wholesale Supplier of: Biscuits, le chocolat, chewing gum

05 Aug 2005

Opal Foreign Trade Co.
Wholesale Supplier of: Spaghetti, pasta, macaroni, fruit juices, olive oil, tomato paste, biscuits

31 May 2005

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake.

Wholesale Supplier of Chocolate cake: Zeb Export
27 Jan 2014

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