RFQ for : Urea 46, posted by Importer from Turkey
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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
15 Apr 2009

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are interested in your product urea 46. We have serious buyers in China, South Africa and South Korea. We want to work serious and real with a seller. If you are interested,please give me information.

Best Regards.

Contact :
Kivanc Senyurt


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Wholesale demand for : Urea (46% of N) (RFQ / Buylead from Turkey)
30 Mar 2009
Product : urea in bulk
Quality : n : 46 % min
Moisture : 0, 7% max
Biurat : 1, 2% max
Prill size : 90 pct min between 1-4 mm
White, prilled free flowing (treated with anti-caking agent), product must be free
From any substances which could be harmful ofr soil, plant life and other living beings
Quantity : 12.500 mt (+/- 10 pct )
Packing : bulk

Please return to us as soon as possible

This is what we are looking for, it will be over 100000 tons

Thanks for your regard.

Contact :
Abdurrahim Can   

Wholesale demand for : Fertilizers, NPK (RFQ / Buylead from Greece)
28 Mar 2009
We are looking to buy fertilizers of general use, for wineyards and white yards in Greece.

Quantity : 15000 kgr

Christos Kalaitzis   

Wholesale demand for : Fertilizer Urea 46% N (RFQ / Buylead from Switzerland)
26 Mar 2009
We are a company from Switzerland and we need 5000 MT of fertilizer urea 46% n, 15n, 15p, 15k. The shipment goes to Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and we need the price CIF. Please make me an offer with country of origin and product specification details. We make the L/C at a European Prime Bank.

Marc Borges   

Wholesale demand for : Fertilizers (RFQ / Buylead from Guyana)
25 Mar 2009
We are interested to purchase fertilizer in bulk to be shipped in 20ft container to Guyana. Kindly forward prices, payment terms and type of delivery. Looking forward for an urgent response

James Arjune   

Wholesale demand for : Complex Fertilizer (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
25 Mar 2009
I am in need of a price quote for product and shipping expenses. I am interested in a complex fertilizer powder solution that contains: 15% nitrogen, 15% phosphorus, 15% potassium, with secondary nutrients of calcium, sulphur, magnesium, including trace elements of boron, copper, molybdenum, zinc, iron, and manganese. I prefer a powder solution that can be 100% dissolved in water, more specifically a hydroponic system. If you can combine this complex fertilizer please email me with all information, thank you.

Contact :
Michael Floyd   

23 Mar 2009
We prefer a fertilizer for all kinds of crops/ plants

Andres Aquino   

Wholesale demand for : Urea (RFQ / Buylead from South Africa)
18 Mar 2009
Wanting to purchase prilled urea 46%, if you are able to supply please email me

Thanking you
Jeffrey Hurwitz   

18 Mar 2009
We want to import water soluble fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, abamectin, pesticides, fungicides, growth hormones, seaweed extracts



Wholesale demand for : Fertilizer (RFQ / Buylead from Philippines)
18 Mar 2009
We need supplier of compound fertilizer grade of 20% n, 7% p, !0% k plus 3% humic acid, urea, ammonium sulfate, humic acid granular or powder form, fulvic acid and other agricultural products.

Windell Tababa   

Wholesale demand for : Urea 46 (RFQ / Buylead from China)
18 Mar 2009
I want to buy the product of your company. But I couldn't got the middleman. Can you give me a email address to discuss this business

Contact :

17 Mar 2009
We are looking for below products for April 09 shipment. Please quote us CFR free out Darussalam prices, CAN-3000 MT,27 N min, moisture 0.5%mx,Granulometry 1-4mm, 90%min
Free flowing treated with ant caking agent.
DAP- 7000m tons Total Nitrogen 18%mm, Total P205 46% mm, water and Citrate soluble P205 46%min, water solubleP205 46%mm moisture1.7% max , Granulometry 1-4mm 95%

Contact :
Murtaza Dewji   

17 Mar 2009
Dear Sir,

We need quotation for the following items. Also need manufacturer consent to supply the same.
(1) Prilled urea -50, 000 m.Tons (46% nitrogent content)
(2) Granular urea -50, 000 m.Tons (46% nitrogen)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and regards,

Contact :
M Khairul Alam   

Wholesale demand for : Prilled Urea N 46 (RFQ / Buylead from India)
17 Mar 2009
Dear Sir,

One of our associates in West Africa has evinced interest in buying prilled Urea N 46. We have trade dealings with them for quite sometime now and are comfortable with their dealings. As a prelude to long-term supply of Urea, they have enquired about buying 12,500 MT initially. Specifications of the product are as per usual international standards. Once the deal is confirmed, we will arrange for LOI/ICPO, BCL, fully funded IDLC and the like. Now, we would like to know from you about the availability of the aforesaid quantity, packed in 50 kg bags, price quote for the product, Port of Discharge being Tema Port, Ghana, W.Africa on CIF terms. We would highly appreciate if this received your immediate attention, Thanking You, Yours truly,

Contact :

Wholesale demand for : Urea Fertilizer (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
17 Mar 2009
We are a farmers union and we want to buy 7000 mt of urea fertilizer granulated. Please send me prices and pictures from your product.


Contact :

Wholesale demand for :Urea46% (RFQ / Buylead from Indonesia)
17 Mar 2009

An inquiry has come up for a demand of urea n46% priled at 50, 000 mt/spot sample shipment, and after 100, 000 mt x 12.

LOI attached.

If you are able to supply there must be no upfront costs or hidden costs to the buyer. Please leave some room for commission, please provide me with commission break down as per mandates and intermediaries.

My commission must be USD 5 per m/t (two parties). All commissions must be inclusive in target price of USD 210.

Please response asap and thank you.


Contact :
Jantje B. Soepriyanto   

Wholesale demand for : Urea And Fertilizer (RFQ / Buylead from Malaysia)
16 Mar 2009
We are in urgent need of urea & fertilizer on contineous monthly supply for three years.
Urea 46% n - 4000 tones per month
Fertilizer kan 27% - 4000 tones per month
Fertilizer npk 15x15x15 - 4000 tones per month
Only producers to come up with prices FOB Eourope with detailed specifications of product, packing ,shipping time, mode of payment. It is very serious and urgent requirement.

Contact :
Khalid Mahmood   

16 Mar 2009
Please advise your best CIF Manila prices.

Best regards

Contact :
Mujib A Basha   

Wholesale demand for : Urea N46 Prilled (RFQ / Buylead from Malaysia)
16 Mar 2009
We are looking for reliable supplier of urea N46 50,000MT x 12 months, target price USD210/MT. If you have, contact us, it is very urgent.

Brian Wong   

Wholesale demand for : Urea N46% Granular (RFQ / Buylead from Australia)
27 Feb 2009
Wanted : urea n46% granular
Origin preferred : Russia or Ukraine
Spot of 30000 mts for a trial.
Packed in 50 kg bags.

Please quote CIF Laemchabang port, Thailand, in USD per mt. Also, please advise details of your procedures. We love to hear from genuine suppliers only.

Adam Chaisongkhram   

27 Feb 2009
Dear Sirs,

We are the trading company from Taiwan which specialized in Fruit import. We are interested in buying 50% protein MBM (meat bone meal) from Europe origin. Packing in 1-2 ton big bag. Please offer the product specifications, raw material, packing, quote (USD), and ingredients comes from what kinds of animal?

Please offer the FOB basis price as followed:
Pellet form NPK 4-3-3
EU origin
QTY: 100mt/month
Packing: 20/25 kg

50% Meat and bone meal (MBM)
EU origin
QTY: 500mt/month
Packing: big bag
Payment: 100% irr L/C at sight

Contact : Ms Miranda Chen   




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